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Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet

Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet

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Crystal Benefits

One of the main benefits of combining Citrine with Amethyst is that they are both capable of bringing joy and positivity into your life. 

Amethyst radiates a calming energy that soothes the soul and dispels negative thoughts. When you are in a calm and balanced state, it becomes easier to attract positive energy. Then, you can use Citrine’s warm energy to infuse your entire being with a vibrant sense of vitality and optimism.

With Citrine and Amethyst together, you’ll be able to shift your energetic vibration and become more receptive to new opportunities and experiences.Together, these two crystals will definitely help you embrace life’s wonders with open arms.

Citrine and Amethyst together can heighten your perception of subtle energies and help you develop your intuitive abilities. Working with Citrine and Amethyst together can help you raise your vibration and align your energy with your desires.

If you want to manifest your goals faster, repeating daily positive affirmations with these two crystals is definitely a good idea.

Crystal Sign

Amethyst: ♓︎ Pisces, ♍️ Virgo, ♒️ Aquarius, and ♑️ Capricorn

Citrine: ♈️ Aries, ♌️ Leo, ♎️ Libra, and ♊️ Gemini

Crystal Element

Amethyst: 🜄 Water

Citrine: 🜁 Air

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