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Measures 70mm

Weight 500gm

K2, also known as "Rainbow Azurite", opens and unlocks our third eye and crown chakra. This stone helps strengthen the third eye to enhance psychic abilities on all levels (lucid dreaming, astral projection, telepathy) and assist in the opening of the crown chakra.

As K2 Stone is a combination stone/ rock comprised of many minerals, it is believed by crystal healers to have many different healing and metaphysical properties.

Due to its Granite matrix, K2 Stone works well with the Root Chakra, lending it a highly grounding energy which is perfect for use in people in need of a sense of safety, security, and grounding. The blue ink-spots of Azurite within K2 Stone mean that K2 Stone is perfect for use with the Third Eye Chakra: enhancing awareness, insight, and inner peace and clarity. 

K2 Stone can therefore be used both for coming back to Earth with the Root Chakra, as well as ascending to higher planes of awareness with the Third Eye Chakra. Popular in meditation, K2 Stone is thought to help its user to elevate their consciousness and discover new things about themselves and the world around them. 

When our crown becomes open, endless amounts of higher knowledge soon begin to spiral down within us. The third eye connection to the crown is vital at this point, and aids in “seeing” what this knowledge truly means. This information is here to serve you on the path to your higher self, and K-2 is the key to accessing this knowledge.