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Measure - 370 x 90 x 40

High Vibrational

Many practiced spiritual healers will recommend meditating while holding a selenite crystal. This allows for a conscious and focused practice that ensures you are hyper-receptive to the positive influence of its high vibration. Meditation, while being an exercise in clearing the mind, is an active investment in the restoration of your energy field. 

Wearing a selenite stone as jewelry is greatly beneficial however is not always an adequate substitute for meditating with this potent energetic source or placing it over your chakras. As a natural equaliser of energy, selenite can also be used to cleanse your other crystals. 

A selenite crystal can live in a variety of places in your home. As selenite is associated with the higher chakras and by association, mental clarity and emotional lightness, we would recommend placing your selenite stone on your desk or in the room in which you work. Placing a selenite pyramid on your desk will clear away the negative energies that arise when one experiences frustration, fatigue, and boredom in your professional or academic life. 

You may also choose to keep your selenite in your bedroom. You could keep raw selenite on your dressing table, under your bed, or on your windowsill to benefit from its gentle and calming capabilities throughout the night. Once you have established a rhythm of deep and restorative rest, you will naturally begin to feel increasingly in-control of your positive mental state. The old foggy friend of mental fatigue will quickly clear away. Selenite can also be used to balance your chakras and clear out dark negative attachments.

Place this amazing crystal on your chest during meditation to balance your chakras and clear out any negative energy you have picked up during the day. Place under your bed at night to help with insomnia and emphysema to clear away any congestion.