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Why Gemz?

Just like a crystal, you are one of a kind, unique and magical.

A piece of the universe vibrating to your own unique frequency, capable of shining bright among a dark and infinite sky.

When you buy crystals from Gemz on Gem, our items will be ready to use as soon as you take them out of the packaging. No need to clear or charge as they have already been cleared with a sacred sage smudge bath and infused with reiki healing before packaging.

Supporting you through your soul’s evolution, crystals are a wonderful companion on your healing journey towards wholeness and greater well-being.

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Gemz Loyalty Cards

We have introduced Loyalty Cards for all our regular customers so you can get rewarded for every $100 you spend.

With a Gemz Loyalty Card you can simply choose the discount you want and enter your code in at the checkout to save on all your purchases. After using all your discounts you may use a once-only discount of 50% off!

Loyalty cards will be sent to you with your first order - you will receive an email with instructions on how to utilise your discounts.

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