Rituals To Try During The New Moon

Rituals To Try During The New Moon

Set a Worthwhile Intention

  • Every month, the moon delivers us an extra boost of intention-setting energy. Take some time to craft intentions that are clear, concise and as specific as you can make them.


    Light a Candle

    • Lighting a candle on the darkest night of the month signifies our desire to bring just a little more light into our lives. Ask the universe to shine light on you during this new moon and all the ones that follow it.


      Begin Something New

      • The new moon is the most fertile day of the lunar cycle each month. If there was a perfect time for initiating anything new, it would certainly be the new moon!


        Go on a First Date

        • Speaking of starting something new, a first date is a wonderful activity for a new moon.


          Make a List

          • Remember those intentions we talked about earlier? Well, if you want to super-magnify them, make a whole list of all the details you’d like the universe to consider when bringing you your heart’s desire.


            Create a Sacred Space

            • The New Moon is the optimal time for setting a sacred space in your home to make your own magic. Cleanse the energy of the place where you’ll be meditation, manifesting and self-reflecting. Get the junk of the world out—and keep it out.


              Make Your Own Ritual

              • Making your own ritual is simply a matter of creating a set of practices you commit to doing during every new moon. It could be as simple as meditating, taking a yoga class, or writing a list.
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