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Amber Tumble

Amber Tumble

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Our crystal tumbles are tumbled to natural perfection. Each stone boasts a unique blend of vibrant colours and textures, creating a beautiful and energising addition to your collection.

Size and shape may vary slightly.

Crystal Benefits

Amber resonates directly with the solar plexus and sacral chakra system. Your intuition begins to shine bright when working with (or even wearing) this piece daily. Your second brain, located within your gut, houses almost every attribute that makes you who you are. Without constant use and expansion of your own personal knowledge, these defining parts of who you are can slowly become stagnant through inactivity. Amber re-educates you on how to express your emotional body and channel your true inner being. Growth will become engaged both internally and externally. Change and discomfort (the good kind) are forced into your mental perspective to induce a rapid development of your inner self.

When working with Amber, do not forget that what you hold in your hands is a piece of ancient matter that formed in an entirely different world. The energies within old Earth were extremely volatile and housed potent life-force vitality. Elements within that time allowed for giant beings, creatures, animals, and trees to grow and flourish. You too are able to harness this energy that once provided the necessary nutrients for this unexplainable growth. Begin your meditating session with your favourite piece of Amber and observe your life path enhancing before your eyes! We especially recommend bringing this stone to your workouts or gym sessions.

Crystal Sign

♌️ Leo and ♒️ Aquarius

Crystal Element

🜂 Fire

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