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Without a doubt, the Apache Tears are one of the gentlest grounding and protective stones are known to man. It not only shields your energy from energy vampires or psychic attacks but also keeps conflict and hostility at bay.

This gentle stone can easily link with your emotional body. It helps in cleansing and healing old wounds, as well as the long-held emotions and grievances. It also helps in uncovering the frozen or stagnant emotional patterns that you held below your level of awareness.

In addition, the apache tears can also be used as a rescue bead for fear, shock and panic. It is best known for its comforting and supportive energies during times of grief and mourning. This is particularly useful for those dealing with grief related to suicide, connecting the survivors with their family and loved ones who chose to die in order to cope and understand their decision.

This stone can teach you that grief can be a tremendous spiritual learning tool that encourages self-acceptance, self-awareness and empathy towards those who feel overwhelmed by sorrow and heartache. It helps in protecting your aura from dense negative energies while enhancing the nourishing and kind ones.

Furthermore, the apache tear also carries the strong earthy energy of the planet which links with the sacred aspects of the physical world. It can also serve as a reminder that all frequencies of energy come from the divine. This stone can also be a potent source of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It helps open you to the realms of spirits and other cohabitants of the earth and other universal dimensions. Plus, it helps stimulate the mind and heart and promoting a forgiving spirit.