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Apophyllite Cluster Pin - Mini

Apophyllite Cluster Pin - Mini

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Measures 140mm

Crystal Benefits

Apophyllite crystals carry the energy of love. This crystal will bring peace, harmony, and abundance in your space as well.

Apophyllite will bring clarity in any kind of situation that involves you and the people you love. It will strengthen your decision-making because you will be able to see all sides of an issue. You will be untainted by pride, ego, or fear and acquire a better understanding of life and love.

Apophyllite can help you when you’re having a hard time letting go of people or things that no longer are good for you. It will support you as you go through the different stages of a loss or a breakup. The energies of this crystal will help you as you learn to forgive and heal from the hurt.

Apophyllite will also get rid of your anxieties that are disrupting your inner balance and causing you to think negative thoughts.It will eliminate anything in your heart and mind that’s making you emotionally paralysed, restrained, or suffocated.

Crystal Sign

♎️ Libra and ♊️ Gemini

Crystal Element

🜁 Air

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