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Australian Boulder Opal

Australian Boulder Opal

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Measures 28 x 20 x 05mm.

Crystal Benefits

Boulder opal is defined as natural opal that occurs in 'veins' or 'pockets' in sedimentary ironstone or sandstone boulders. Boulder opals are only found in one part of the world - Queensland, Australia.

Boulder opal has been said to create a better future for an individual using it. It can bring strong faith to a person and give them the power to achieve everything they ever dreamt of. It has also been believed that boulder opal can purify the heart of the owner of this gemstone.

The meaning also includes the joy of life as it is filled with positive and mystical energies to drive you towards happiness. It is also said to be an evil eye slayer and to fight any evil coming to the owner. Last but not least, it is a great charm for a person who wants a good relationship. It also means that you can have a full life of charm.

The boulder opal stone is also said to help find true love and alleviate depression. The rays of different colors show balancing abilities that can help relieve pain. It is also said to be believed to cure sufferings associated with the abdomen, intestinal organs, and lower back, etc. symptoms caused by common flu and influenza have also been said to be cured by this stone. Then it is also said to give you good eyesight and fight any disease.

The boulder opal stone is said to be a boost up for inner energies and emotional security. It can also bring inner beauty to a person due to its mystical and emotional energies.
It is good for the aura, prophecy, spiritual development, and past-life recall. The chakras are part of your spirit, and the boulder opal has energies that can guide you to find your inner chakras and help you meditate. So, it has a great influence on your spirit too.

Crystal Sign

♋️ Cancer, ♎️ Libra, ♓️ Pisces, and ♏️ Scorpio

Crystal Element

🜃 Earth

🜄 Water

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