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Dendritic Opal Freeform

Dendritic Opal Freeform

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Measures 60 x 40 x 30mm

Dendritic Opals are often referred to as Merlinite Shamans, Healers & Magical people will be naturally drawn to this crystal.

Crystal Benefits

Spiritual healing is arguably the most popular of dendritic opal uses. The stone is said to increase spiritual awareness, bringing greater intuition and understanding of the universal forces at work. Often called a Shaman stone, dendritic opal is great for anyone exploring past lives, clairvoyance, or divine beings.

Dendritic Opal helps you connect with yourself and your own spirituality. By inspiring you to get to know yourself better, it opens you up to new opportunities. It encourages perseverance and stability as you conquer new journeys and experiences. Dendritic Opal attracts abundance in many forms, perfect for crystal gridding. 

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