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Desert Rose Clusters

Desert Rose Clusters

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Measures 40 x 60mm

Crystal Benefits

Desert Rose has plenty of healing properties that can be beneficial to your physical body. It's known to help with muscular flexibility and in the regeneration of tissues. It can also do wonders for the skin because it can enhance and renew the elasticity of the skin and the tissues.

Desert roses are formed in wet sand. They are evaporites where the crystal formation has occurred as a result of inflow of water containing dissolved calcium sulfate balanced by an outflow of water due to evaporation. Such minerals are used as indicators of arid climates during the time they were formed.

It is a powerful energy cleansing crystal and is a channel of white healing light. Desert Rose carries a gentle calming and rejuvenating energy that can help to relieve stress while enhancing your willpower.

It has been long believed that this crystal carries the energies of protection, prosperity and purification. Desert Rose can be useful as a talisman to comfort loneliness, soothe fears, and may promote peaceful sleep and dreaming

Crystal Sign

♑️ Capricorn, ♏️ Scorpio, & ♉️ Taurus

Crystal Element

🜁 Air

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