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Diopside is a high vibration stone that awakens the heart energies that help you receive the power of love. This beautiful and intensely healing stone encourages the growth of your heart chakra and enhances the power of love, trust, humility, and commitment.

Diopside enhances recovery from surgery, trauma or severe illness. This stone supports the cellular memory, physical weakness, acid and alkaline balance and hormonal balance. It is beneficial for inflammation, muscular aches and spasm, stress, the kidneys and the heart. 

​Black dipside is useful for support during terminal illness or chronic conditions. Diopside tones and enhances the healing of the heart, lungs and arteries

This stone benefits the enhancement and healing of the circulatory system and aids in elimination of toxins from the body. Diopside improves blood circulation through the body, it can correct and lower high blood pressure. It will reduce the effect of fever and body aches and pains.

Diopside is an excellent stone for general healing. The green stone works on physical healing, particularly where regeneration is needed, such as after surgery or in healing from physical trauma. It is ideal to use on the heart to assist in healing from heart attack or other physical heart issues. It can be valuable in regenerating the lungs, particularly after damage from smoking or inhalation of poisons. Emphysema and asthma can also be helped.

The black/brown variety of diopside can be used where serious illness or terminal conditions create weakness in the physical body. These can help you in having more physical energy during healing.