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Use these crystals to connect with your partner, with massage, communication or during travel, to show your love for each other, then invite your baby to enter your loving and safe relationship.

● Rose Quartz: Promotes Self Worth, forgiveness and healing

● Rhodonite: Clears emotional scars, balances & nurtures the heart.

● Carnelian: Encourages fertile menstrual blood.

●Garnet: Supports ovary health and improves sex drive.

● Aventurine: Encourages pregnancy & enhance fertility.

● Moonstone: Attunes cycles with moon & feminine energies.

Size and style will vary slightly.

These amazing kits go through a preparation process. Each crystal is cleared and saged, and then charged under the sun and Moon to receive codes and downloads. They are then infused with reiki and programmed with an intention for their combined use. 

These kits and can be carried, meditated with or placed under your pillow at night so you can get all the benefits from the union of these crystals.

Sometime we don't know what Crystal we need at the time?

These kits will help with lots of ailments, connecting spiritually, emotionally and physically.