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Measure - 97 to 106mm
Weight - 40 gms

Green Obsidian is a master transmutation crystal that can quickly turn bad situations into learning experiences. One of the best things about the healing properties of Green Obsidian is that they promotes growth and maturity at every turn. It’s easy to forget about the past once you learn how to find joy and tranquility.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on, but Green Obsidian wants you to use your memories as a driving force to focus on the light. It encourages you to find your purpose and become a much better person. At its core, the main Green Obsidian meaning is about getting rid of dark energy and helping you find the light.

As you navigate this hectic world, negative energy is just waiting to invade your aura. It can creep up on you when you least expect it. Whether it comes from difficult situations at work to bad vibes from those close to you, it’s easy to get lost in the smog.

When that happens, you can easily fall prey to emotional turmoil and self-defeating cycles. Some people succumb to dark energy so frequently that they never find a way to escape.

Green Obsidian’s meaning is like a lifeline in a dense fog. It helps pull you from the depths of despair and confusion to show you the light. Think of it as a beacon or savior that’s ready to help you move on with life.

Healers say that the properties of Green Obsidian transmute dark energy. It doesn’t just wipe the slate clean and leave you to your own devices. The stone uses those bad vibes to create good at every turn.

It transmutes the bad vibes to help you come out of tricky situations stronger than ever. Rather than forgetting about your pain, you learn from it and find a greater purpose in life. Green Obsidian isn’t just about healing. It’s about maturing, breaking through dangerous cycles, and becoming more attuned to your own needs.

Anyone can use the meaning of Green Obsidian to find peace and balance. You don’t have to limit its usage to just moments of significant pain. It also acts as a powerful crystal for protection.