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Green Opal Palm Stones

Green Opal Palm Stones

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Crystal Benefits

Green Opal amplifies our discernment, helping us to sort through complex information and correctly identify the parts that require our attention. This discernment also helps us to make better judgement calls about people and situations, so that we can give our energy only to those individuals and opportunities that serve our Highest Good. Green Opal attracts good friends and business partners, and can also encourage us to make wise financial choices. When placed in an office, Green Opal improves business relationships and creates a more effective and pleasant environment to get things done.

Green Opal lightens the heart and shares with us its relaxed and sensual energy. It has a very soothing vibration, which helps us to recover after dealing with stressful situations. It renews our emotional reserves and helps us to return to optimal emotional readiness. Green Opal liberates us from feelings of fear, shame, and guilt. It is a wonderful stone for exploring self-love, gently reminding us that when we take care of ourselves and nourish our own hearts, we are stronger and more capable of taking care of the rest of our world and the people we love.

Chosen intuitively. 

Crystal Sign

♐️ Sagittarius & ♈️ Aries

Crystal Element

🜃 Earth

🜄 Water

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