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Life Magic

Life Magic

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Life Magic is both an introduction to the history of paganism and a workbook for the uninitiated on the positive power of witchcraft.As a white witch with years of experience, Susan Bowes is the perfect instructor to guide readers into the mysterious ways of the coven -- including everything from the uses of totems and the harnessing of moon magic, to the casting of spells and the evocation of fertility and purification rituals. Her instructive, wide-ranging text is enhanced throughout by striking, original art depicting runic symbols; rare herbs, oils, and candles; potent mantras and incantations; and other exotic elements of the old ways.From a two-hour "Learning Channel" television special on witches, to episodes such as "In Search Of..". and "Unsolved Mysteries" featuring witchcraft, to a host of web sites devoted to various covens across the country, the evidence is all around us; not since the Salem witch trials has the power of the goddess been so omnipresent. In her engaging book, Susan Bowes delivers a positive message of empowerment and wisdom, making Lift Magic a practical guide to an enchanted land.

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