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Palo Santo Stick

Palo Santo Stick

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The Palo Santo, called “Sacred Wood” in French, is a tree of the Zygophyllaceae family. It is a very tall tree, up to 18 metres long, native to South America. Traditionally, this wood is recognised as sacred, magical and rare. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous people. This sacred tree is famous for its healing properties, its ability to attract luck and ward off negativity.

The Palo Santo is used in many rituals such as weddings, celebrations and other important events in the culture of the indigenous people. It is also used to heal, cure and alleviate illnesses. It is also used to purify a place or a person. The spiritual dimension of Palo Santo is strong since it allows one to reconnect with one’s spirituality and to make contact with the Gods. According to tradition, the indigenous people use the Palo Santo once the tree has died naturally.

Nowadays, Palo Santo is commonly used for yoga sessions, rituals, or simply to purify the interior and enjoy its pleasant smell.

Palo Santo allows you to reconnect with your soul, to connect to the divine world, to your intuition, to your heart. It accompanies you if you have a request, a wish, a question in your life and you need to be listened to, supported and helped.

To purify a room and a place, the intention is very important in order to direct the magic of Palo Santo in this direction. Light your Palo Santo stick and move slowly through the place you wish to cleanse starting with the entrance, let every room, every wall and every corner become permeated.

Palo Santo offers you better concentration during your yoga and meditation sessions as it promotes relaxation, peace and inner calm. It accompanies you in your ritual or your moment of well-being.

It is known to diffuse and attract positive energies. The Palo Santo wraps you in a veil of protection, love, luck, joy and peace. Place the intention of your desire in order to benefit from the help of Palo Santo to manifest it.

Palo Santo’s virtues against stress and anxiety are superb. Although it does not cure depression or severe and permanent anxiety, it offers great relief for several hours after its release and sometimes even for several days. According to tradition, it also cures certain diseases related to digestion, muscles and joints. It is ideal for helping to relieve aches and pains following a sports session. However, seek the advice of a health professional before use.

First of all, when you light it, take the opportunity to set your intention. It can be for purification, to have a better concentration, to feel fully your yoga or meditation session, to reduce stress, to calm your mind, to attract to you love, joy, or simply to benefit from its soothing virtues. You can use your stick about 15 times.

Then, when you light the Palo Santo, prefer to use a candle, then let the flame become impregnated with the magic of the stick until a grey smoke takes shape. After a few seconds, shake the stick with your hand to extinguish the flame. You can choose the intensity of the smoke you want: the longer you wait, the more smoke you will get.

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