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Pietersite Bracelet

Pietersite Bracelet

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Available in 6mm & 8mm bead

Crystal Benefits

Pietersite has been used for many years as a great supporter of the nervous system, allowing those around it to experience decreased light-headedness, dizziness, or headaches. It is also used to heal dull eyesight or eye infections. The liver and metabolism are also influenced by Pietersite, using the stone in your daily life can result in a better ability to absorb nutrients, and provide women in particular with a sense of balance and stability for hormonal flux.

From an emotional and spiritual standpoint, Pietersite can also provide healing. Feelings of low confidence can be transformed into courage, and any lack of inspiration can be uplifted through the regular use of this stone. It may also stimulate strange and prophetic dreams, anyone with a desire for greater clarity, inspiration, and bravery for facing difficult life challenges can benefit from the healing properties of Pietersite.

Crystal Sign

♊️ Gemini

Crystal Element

🜄 Water

🜁 Air

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