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Poppy Jasper is a happy and joyful stone associated with poppies and with remembrance. It will bring your life vitality and cheerfulness, and it will remind you of your duty to humanity to be kind and compassionate!

Poppy Jasper will promote activity, enthusiasm, and dynamic energy in your life. It will increase your inner strength and mental fortitude to help you with life’s daily challenges. It will boost your physical endurance and help you find the balance between your physical and emotional needs.

It will work on your inner strength and encourage you to have a more proactive approach to your life. This stone will energize your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Poppy Jasper will enliven your body by bringing uplifting energies to areas where the flow of energy is clogged or blocked.

These energies will eliminate any physical impediment, energetic blockage, and old patterns so that your body will be ready to receive more life-giving energies. Poppy Jasper will act like a jolt of adrenaline, waking and energizing areas of your body that appear to be dormant or stagnant.

Wearing Poppy Jasper with Lemurian Seed Crystal will encourage a stronger appreciation of your connection with life and with the universe at work. It will also inspire an optimistic and joyful attitude and give you the motivation to take action.Poppy Jasper has a beautiful color and a rich warmth that will lighten the mood in any space and uplift the energies of anyone who wears it.