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Red Onyx Sphere

Red Onyx Sphere

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Red Onyx is strength-giving, providing support in difficult or confusing times, as well as during times of enormous mental or physical stress. Onyx Stone Meaning exhales the energy of self-mastery and inner strength. It raises one’s resistance and persistence, enabling one to carry even unmanageable and tasks during to completion. On a mental level, it increases one’s power to keep focus, making it possible for one to take fighting new material and use well all that one has mastered. It quickly enhances the retention of memory and promotes attention to detail.

These traits make Red Onyx a instructive instrument for pupils, teachers, business owners, accountants, lawyers, software and computer technicians, and all those whose work calls for high levels of focus, dedication and discipline. Some of it's other healing properties include centering your energy an alignment with a higher power, helping you to access higher guidance.

Red Onyx is mainly related to the Root Chakra and is popularly known for rejecting negativity. Red Onyx is very useful in healing old trauma and injuries from the past which are affecting your present life. This strong crystal enhances self-control, brings fortune and joy and promotes you to take wise decisions.

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Weight - 1.32kg

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