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The best thing about donut necklaces is they sit flat on the skin so you are getting the maximum skin on skin contact so you benefit on all the healing attributes from that crystal.

These measure 40mm in diameter and come with a complimentary leather cord necklace.

Jasper in general tend to have a slow-moving influence. They are gentle, nurturing and relaxing, bringing tranquility and healing. They are good for grounding and protection.

Rose Garden Jasper is an incredibly nurturing stone that promotes inner peace, relaxation, and gentleness with one’s self. This tranquil stone softly helps to grow confidence in self image and self esteem. Said to lift the spirits, this jasper assists in healing past wounds to restore positivity and move forward with your life goals. Helps with emotional protection for those struggling with any difficult or sensitive issues. By shielding it’s carrier from dangerous situations, Rose Garden Jasper relieves high stress and nervousness to provide security, safety, stability, and joy. Overall, this jasper enhances connection with humanity.

Physically, Rose Garden Jasper is believed to be a stabilizing stone, which strengthens the immune system, assists in wound healing and blood purification.