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Measure - 75mm

Selenite is spiritually believed to strengthen your ability to connect with the spiritual world. It aids in meditation and enhances telepathy, reconnecting you to the higher power and helping with your spiritual growth. Simply choose the selenite product you are most drawn to, a great choice is palm stones. Hold your chosen Selenite items in each hand while you meditate. This helps you connect to the higher power and a higher level of spirituality.

Selenite is commonly used to cleanse crystals helping renew & regenerate their spiritual energy. We are energy, crystals are energy, we draw energy from our crystals while they absorb our negative energy while the crystals provide us with positive vibrations and energy. In order to regenerate and cleanse your crystals simply place them on your selenite plate or bowl and the selenite will cleanse and regenerate the energy of your crystals.

It is recommending to cleanse brand new crystals energy from anyone who may have held them. You can do this easily by placing your crystals on your chosen Selenite plate or bowl. Selenite plates or bowls are also commonly referred to as charging plates or charging bowls. Just like we recharge our phones each night we should recharge our crystals renewing their energy.