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Measures - 120mm

Selenite sticks or wands can be used in clearing negative energy, balancing chakras or in grids with other crystals. Wands can be used to charge other crystals by placing them along the wand to clear and recharge.

These items are beautiful for use in mindfulness and healing, they sit so comfortably in a curled palm, and their weight is beautifully calming and soothing.

Selenite is an extremely high vibe crystal and is amazing for cleansing, clearing negativity and lifting your vibration. It connects, activates and enhances spirituality by opening the crown chakra. Through radiating light energy it promotes honesty, purity and clarity, encouraging honesty and truth externally as well as with self. It will help bridge the gap between your physical self and your higher self, creating inner unity.

Place your wand in your palm or on your chest or brow during meditation and use the pointed end to send your energized intention to where you need to focus your healing. It is also great for cleansing other crystals.