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Sodalite is a stone that reminds you to tap into those powerful instincts and to strike a balance between the head and the heart so you can always live in alignment with your truest self.

It’s an effective stone to end arguments or disagreements. Also, it’s a stone of logic. If you’ve ever wrestled with the classic arguments between head and heart, you’ll know exactly how it so often goes. Your rational mind wants to do one thing, and your heart calls out for another.
Finding a balance between these two contrasting sides of ourselves can be tough. And often at times so is finding the right stone to help strike that unity.

Yet, you might well find that those internal dialogues become more quiet, and more cordial.

This is also because it is such a fascinating stone to meditate with. Because it’s able to help clear away any mental cobwebs and align you with a more cohesive interpretation of what comes to you in these quiet and contemplative moments.

When you choose to have this stone in your life, emotional balance and inner peace will follow. You will also benefit from having improved divination and psychic abilities.

It’s a good stone to have if you’re undergoing chemotherapy. It will help in stabilizing your energies and in dealing with the side effects of the treatment.
Endocrine problems, sleep problems, travel sickness, water retention, liver cleansing, anxiety attacks – these are just some of the health problems it can help you with!