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Tektite Tumbles

Tektite Tumbles

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Crystal Benefits

This stone is most powerful when worn during meditative or healing sessions as it not only expands the mind to unimaginable reaches, but it also absorbs energy as it’s being released from the body. The extraterrestrial properties of tektite makes it such a wonder to work with that it’s often difficult to explain, but it has been described as having the exceptional ability to pull energy out and downwards as if existing in its own gravitational field much stronger than that of earth’s.

Tektite is a rather lightweight stone, lighter then you might first think. It can be opaque to semi-translucent. Each specimen has its own unique characteristics, and interestingly no two tektites are exactly the same. 

Negative energy can be difficult to dispel. It must go somewhere and must be transmuted in order to properly be released from your energetic centers and auric fields. Many crystals have the ability to ease distresses which are caused by stress, anxiety, worry, fear and other emotional imbalance. There are several good stones for dealing with negative energy... but, the most powerful by far, is the Tektite.

Tektites are found in 4 major sites around the world and have been used for many years.
Australian Aborigines use the term "mabon" to describe it - a word that means "magic" and it was seen as good luck to for those who found a tektite.

A tektite placed under your pillow at night may allow you to relax more and sleep more peacefully. It is also said that tektite will assist in learning lessons through life and improve meditation.

The key use for tektites in our work is to enhance the body's energy field and in particular the ability to cope with EMF's or Electro-Stress.
There are a variety of products both man-made and natural that claim to eliminate the negative effects of EMF's, it seems Tektite is one of those substances and with our testing in clinic we are able to demonstrate this clearly.

Be aware however that not all Tektite has the same properties, the tektites we offer have been tested specifically to determine if they are energetically potent.

A natural, cost effective way to strengthen your own energy field and keep you safe from EMF's.

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