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Titanium Aura Sphere

Titanium Aura Sphere

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Crystal Benefits

The dazzling effect of these titanium aura quartz spheres is created by treating natural crystal quartz with titanium and other metals, resulting in an optical interference that shines like a flaming rainbow of color. These titanium aura quartz spheres will open all of the chakras, stimulating the release of auric blockages, and promoting total energetic alignment.

It is a magical stone that infuses your auric field with a spectrum of light. Metaphysically, titanium promotes inner strength, courage, endurance, and tenacity, filling your life with positivity as it works to circulate renewed vitality and energy.

Use your titanium aura quartz sphere while in meditation, allowing its healing properties to surround and wash over you. These spheres are powerful Third Eye Chakra activators, and will deepen your intuition, enhance your psychic abilities, and cleanse your chakras and aura in a way that simply no other gemstone can.

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