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Measure - 35 x 25mm

Turritella Agate is a spiritual crystal, deeply connected to the earth and home, to one's personal roots and ancestry, even the events of one's past. It is a survival stone, one of strength and protection. Ancient life held within its form lends the power of wisdom and healing.

Turritella Agate will promote emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity. It will show how you can keep your composure even in tense or tricky situations. It will also give inner stability. The healing energies of this stone will enhance your sense of security and self-confidence.

Turritella Agate is linked to bright ideas and positive thinking too. This crystal symbolizes harmony and rebalance. This means you will feel an improvement in concentration and analytical abilities. The soothing power of agate allows you to feel calm and safe wherever you are.

Agate is a very powerful stone, but its energy is very low and posses no ill or side effects. You can wear it every day to protect yourself from negative energies, without any worries.