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Measures 65 x 50mm approx

High Vibrational 

Goddess Stones, also known as Menilite, have quite beneficial spiritual energy to help women. They are also called Fairy Stones and their energy may assist you to make contact with spirit guides during meditation. 

These stones create a strong connection to ancient female insight and judgement which may be highly beneficial to you. They are excellent healing crystals for you to use in meditation for past life regression. They can help you to connect with spirit guides who may assist you to release fear, including fear of death. 

They are also good grounding stones that help to create a stable earth connection, and they come in some wonderful shapes that are quite shamanic in nature. Please note that these crystals and healing stones are created by Mother Nature herself, not one is the same, each size will vary. These are composed of Calcium Carbonate and clay so will differ in appearance.

Throughout the year many use the stones as a good luck talisman and to help promote wealth and prosperity for the carrier. They have also been carried as a stone of protection, particularly from Deities and the Gods. 

Also known to open root chakra and strengthen our connection with Mother Earth. Said to rejuvenate our energies.

Each stone is unique and beautiful in its own way, colors may vary slightly and will be chosen intuitively.