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Are you involved in a legal matter and are looking for crystals and gemstones that can support you? There are a variety of reasons why someone may become involved in a legal issue. These crystals for legal issues can aid you when you may find yourself engaged in the legal system.

● Traffic tickets

● Divorce proceedings

● Child custody

● Protection order

● Civil lawsuit

● Class action lawsuit

● Victim of a crime

● Witness to a crime

● Jury member

Whether you are initiating legal action, are the defendant, or an involved party, these crystals can support you and help you navigate the legal problems.

● Hematite is called the Stone of the Mind because it helps us focus, process information, and make conclusions from that information.

● Tiger Eye holds within it the energy of stability and boosts confidence. This crystal wards off negative energy, enhances self-confidence, and promote mental clarity. It's also used in attracting prosperity and success.

● Red Jasper is an excellent stone for court cases, because not only does it promote justice, it's also a wonderful grounding stone that alleviates worry and brings a sense of calm. It is believed this jasper has an ability to create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy.

● Pyrite is a powerful protective stone that creates a shield against negative energy. This crystal is for money and abundance. Pyrite attracts money, it's known to be a money magnet.

● Garnet is an excellent choice during legal situations to not only ensure that justice is served, but to help you keep a clear head and to not lose your "power" during the situation. It will help you feel strong and confident as you see this through.

These amazing kits go through a preparation process. Each crystal is cleared and saged, and then charged under the sun and Moon to receive codes and downloads. They are then infused with reiki and programmed with an intention for their combined use.  

These kits and can be carried, meditated with or placed under your pillow at night so you can get all the benefits from the union of these crystals.