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Lemurian Triple Point

Lemurian Triple Point

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Measures 100 x 60mm
Weight 220gm

High Grade Quality 

Crystal Benefits

In the legends of Lemuria, many of the ancient texts were destroyed when the continent of Mu descended into the Sea. Knowing this fate was inevitable, the legends of Lemurian tell us the Lemurians encoded their wisdom in crystals and seeded them to be found when mankind most needed their knowledge.

● Holding a Lemurian crystal up to a candle flame brings images and thoughts of refocus and rebirth in life or some portion of it.

● Placing the crystal in clear water with several Labradorites conjures up images and thoughts of changes coming into one’s life.

● Just placing the crystal outside in the natural breeze surrounded by a few Labradorites creates images of the transitory effects of misfortune and faith in the future.

● And setting the crystal on clean sand and surrounding it with sapphires brings visions and feelings of security and faith in the future.

The Lemurian crystal meaning symbolizes a stairway to heaven, a path that leads to high vibrations of light and hope. Meditate with the Lemurian crystal and discover the truth of your soul by riding on the wings of angels.

These unique markings contain the secrets of the universe, whether it's found in the expansion of the ever-spinning orbit of your spirituality or a wider perception that renews the everlasting spirit of "all for one and all for love." Channel the Lemurian crystal meaning by sitting quietly with the stone and rubbing your finger up and down the grooves of the keyholes. In this quiet space of your mind, the visions and messages you receive can be downloaded for self-healing and celebrating your individuality. If you’re feeling spiritually adrift, hold tight to the Lemurian crystal and feel your heart grow exponentially when you reconnect with your divine purpose.

Crystal Sign

♉️ Taurus

Crystal Element


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