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Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

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Rose quartz is considered as the mother of all crystals and is known as the stone of the heart and love. It has soft, peaceful, healing, comforting and nourishing energies, which gently energizes your drink of choice. Fill and use the bottle with your favourite beverage.

This makes a beautiful gift. Beautifully packaged in a cylinder box.

Base of water bottle can be unscrewed to change crystals.

The bottle is 550ml and also includes a "Love" sleeve.

Hand wash only.

Do not use boiling hot liquid.

Crystal Benefits

● Rose Quartz is the symbol of love and beauty
● Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace
● Important for the heart and heart chakra
● Brings deep inner healing and self love
● Increases fertility
● Reduces negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes
● Strengthens relationships
● Opens the mind to beautiful things
● Keeps the skin youthful
● Relieves headaches and migraines
● Reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep

Crystal Sign

♏️ Scorpio, ♎️ Libra, and ♉️ Taurus

Crystal Element

🜃 Earth

🜄 Water

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