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Luck and wealth.

Mojo Wishing Beans, in Hoodoo, practitioners instruct people to make an odd number of wishes and for each wish you put one mojo bean in your pocket. After 7 days of ccarrying them, the person was instructed to find a source of running water, call out each wish aloud, and throw the beans in the water over your left shoulder. Then, walk away without looking back and your wishes will be granted in seven days.

Some people carry a mojo beans all the time, believing it to be a good luck charm. Others believe that if you carry one regularly, you will never be without the necessary essentials of life; food, shelter, clothing and the like. Others though that if you had one in your pocket, you’d never run out of pocket change.  Most believe that they must be carried in a flannel bag for maximum effectiveness.

These beans are a large size, so have enough space to also write a sigil or word on them.  Each pouch contains 7 mojo wish beans and charm.

You will receive:

1 x pouch (holding 7 beans) that have been blessed and charged with intent under the correct elemental and planetary alignments.

MOJO WISHING BEANS - with Intention card to place in your grimoire

Disclaimer: In magick, there are no guarantees that you will always get what the practitioner puts in. All spells are non refundable as they are a service and results are not guaranteed. You add the intent and magick! Remember the universe delivers blessings in mysterious and unrecognized ways.