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Wiccan Anointing Ritual Oils

Wiccan Anointing Ritual Oils

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Beautifully gift boxed and lined with dried Rose petals.

Can be used in oil burners.

Pack of 5 oils included :

●Lavender & Clary Sage 

●Orange & Cedarwood 

●Lavender & Patchouli 

●Palmarosa, Cedarwood & Lavender

●Rose & Lavender  

The oils we use are all suitable for skin, this is important because a lot of oils are not skin friendly and can cause a rash or skin irritation, or they can contain fragrance, and chemicals that are harsh on skin.

It is important to remember that you will have the oil on your hands whilst anointing your candle so by choosing our oils you can be assured that they are safe , made with only essential oils not fragrant oils, no chemicals or synthetics. Essential oils carry the energy and vibration of the plants they were produced from, where as fragrance oils do not hold such energy.

You are best to use the eyedropper and place a small amount into your hand or straight onto the candle and then rub it up and down the candle. By using our oils your skin will be safe and your senses will also indulge in the tranquil divine scents .

Whilst you are anointing your candle with the oil , think positive thoughts about your intention and concentrate on the outcome you are wanting to achieve, and how you will feel by achieving a positive result .

If you are banishing or removing something then start at the middle of the candle and work out towards the top and then from the middle of the candle and out towards the bottom. If you are drawing in something such as abundance then work from the top of the candle to the middle and then from the bottom of the candle to the middle. This is a very important step as you have already started your spell by adding your intent to the candle. 

Once the candle is inscribed, you anoint the candle by dressing it in oil and herbs, by using herbs you are adding another universal element , Earth, earth's energy being either with lavender, rose petals , jasmine , this also gives the candle a scent and higher vibrations , plus herbs have a magical connection when used in spells which helps deepen our spiritual connection and expand our awareness .

You can choose an oil of your choice or an oil matching the intent of the spell, which is the easiest way is to have the herbs stick to the candle .

Once the oil is on the candle , roll the candle into the herbs or you can also use your fingers to sprinkle the herbs onto the candle .

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