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Black salt also known as Witches Salt has been used for centuries as protection to absorb negative energies, purify, and cleanse, shielding, absorb/banish negativity, hex breaking, create protective boundaries during our rituals which is especially Important to protect our aura and all spiritual barriers from spiritual attacks.

Overall black salt is a highly sacred protective mineral from the Earth element , and extremely useful in warding off negative energies and banish anything evil.

This salt has been made by a White Witch especially for Gemz on Gem, using an Ancient Witch Recipe. Our salt is infused with powerful energies and properties from the herbs we have specifically used which aids and increases the power of your spells, these have been mixed together in a mortar and pestle along with ashes from a cauldron , and we have used specific protective incenses , charcoal , a mixture of rock salts and Dead Sea salts, and strong resins, along with invoking , invoking and chanting with angelic presence for the highest of positivity from above. All ingredients and necessities to empower its potency.

Bad vibrations occasionally find their way into everyone’s life from time to time. This includes ill-fated relationships, poor workplace circumstances and incompatible roommates or living situations.

These things often lead to depression, low-functioning behaviors and unhealthy habits. Nip it in the bud before it gets unbearable. Metaphysically, black salt absorbs negative energy, spiritually poisonous vibes and general yuck.

Use it for everything from soaking up a bad mood to driving away toxic people from your life.

●Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your house to guard the hearth and home.

●Add some to a car protection charm to give it a boost.

●Place protection gemstones in a bag of black salt to cleanse and recharge them. Be sure to rinse crystals before use.

●Are you dating? Carry a small glass jar of black salts with cinnamon oil to protection your heart from lovers with bad intentions.

●If you’re in a toxic friendship, get a picture of the two of you together. When you’re ready to end the friendship, place the photo in a biodegradable container, a dye-free brown bag works, and bury it somewhere away from your home. Walk away and don’t look back.

●Mark the perimeter of your outdoor sacred space when you cast a circle to protect you during ritual. Don’t use it on an indoor circle, as it may stain carpet or flooring.

Not for consumption, or to be digested  . Always keep away from children and pets.

Salt will have a nice scent due to herbs, resins, incenses used along with all ingredients.